The factory

Thrace Spinning Mills S.A. has an annual production capacity of 5.000 tons of  ring spun  yarns, and 2.000 tons of  knitted fabrics.

The raw material is selected  quality cotton from the region of Thrace.

State-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge production systems, as well as highly trained and qualified personnel ensure  high quality products for knitters and weavers.

Production equipment consist of Swiss and Japanese made machinery

  • Preparation Department: JOSSI double visual control of raw material feeding, RIETER  opening lines, RIETER carding machines type C51 and C60.
  • Pre-Drawing and Drawing Department: RIETER pre-draw fames type SB2 and SBD15 and draw frames type RSBD30C, RSBD35C and RSBD40C. 
  • Roving Department: RIETER machines type F30, F33 and F35. SOHLER-NEUNHAUSER automatic transfer bobbing system between roving frames and spinning frames.
  • Spinning Frames Department (35.000 spindles): RIETER equipment including spinning frames type G33 and G33 PLUS
  • Winding Department: MURATEC type Vss 7V and C21
  • Knitting Department: MAYER machinery type MBF, RELLANITT and INOVIT

The plant's operation is supported by LUWA air-conditioning and cooling system, substation installation, KASER compressed air installation, pump station and an automatic fire protection system.

The company is Oeko-Tex and ECO-LABEL,FIBERMX ,and GOTS certified.



  • Ring ecru combed cotton, range: ΝΕ 20/1 to ΝΕ 50/1
  • Ring melange combed cotton, range: ΝΕ 20/1 to ΝΕ 50/1

 Knitted fabrics

Wide  range of circular knitted fabrics

The company is Oeko-Tex and ECO-LABEL certified for yarns.

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